BMSC’s 40th Anniversary Celebration

by Amanda Kahn

On September 1 and 2, join the researchers, students, and staff for BMSC’s 40th anniversary.

Events on site will include tours, field trips, a live dive, barbecues, a concert by The Bills, and a party hosted by the graduate students of BMSC featuring Chumbucket, a local band made up of graduate students and BMSC staff.

Chumbucket party flyer

Credit: P Windsor Reid

To register and to learn more about the festivities, check out the event page on the BMSC website.  The photos on the event page might make you feel nostalgic, but so will the two retro t-shirt designs, brought back into production from previous years of Bamfield alumni.

Shirt designs for sale for the 40th anniversary celebration.

For sale on-site at the 40th anniversary celebration, brought back from their retirement since first designed in 1980 and 1982.  Credit: Tracey V or Sarah Tyne

If you’re wondering about transportation to Bamfield, you can reserve a space early on the West Coast Trail Express, drive or look for carpools (check out the rides calendar on the BMSC website), or look at alternative travel routes such as the ferry, seaplanes, or other possibilities on the Travel Info page of the BMSC website.  Hope to see you there!

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