Buildings of BMSC – Main building

Amanda loves tide poolsby Amanda Kahn

The main building doesn’t look very big when you first see it from the BMSC parking circle, but you quickly learn that it has a lot inside–including several stories that hide as the building overhangs a cliff and extends downward!  When you first arrive at BMSC, this is where you’d go to find where you sleep (tacked to a billboard near the main entrance), visit the administrative gurus of the station such as the administrative staff, director, public education, and university programs groups.  The research coordinator is in a different building (Rix, we’ll get to that one in another post).

Also in the main building is a library with study areas and, while it looks small, it contains only books about marine science and so is therefore quite extensive.  It also affords some of the best views around for watching whales or catching sunsets over Bamfield Inlet.

The main building has a computer lab with a printer where one can go for electronics needs (along with the IT department), storeroom, classrooms and labs, an imaging dissecting stereoscope and an epifluorescence scope with FITC filter, and a seawater facility on the ground floor.  There is a lot to see and often this is the building to come to if you’re not sure where to check first for something in BMSC.

Main building

Credit: A Kahn

BMSC folks: if you have anything you’d like to add regarding the resources or advice about the main building, add it as a comment below!

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