Sarita falls part II

By Nicole Webster

For Part I see here

Once you get to the stump, turn right, and follow along the cliff edge. You’ll walk above the first water fall.

View of the first falls from the trail Credit: N Webster

Just past the falls, there will be a rope to help you descend into the stream bed, where you can walk along to the second falls. Be warned this part of the trail is tricky, having to scramble down and between fallen logs – All part of the fun!

View down to the stream bed. Credit: N Webster

Wandering up to the second waterfall. Credit: N Webster

There are two ways to get past the second water fall – the wet way and the dry way. The dry way – Climb up into the wood on the left side of the river (heading upstream) and walk along until you are past the falls and climb back down.

The wet way – climb up the waterfall from the pool. Kudos to Kat and Suz who braved that path. Credit: N Webster

Downstream view. Credit:N Webster

We then took a short biology break:

A rough-skinned newt (Taricha granulosa). Wikipedia says I’m glad I didn’t lick it – not that I was planning to. Credit: N Webster

A presumed T. granulosa tadpole with a caddisfly (Trichoptera) in the various pools of the stream bed. See how the pine needles are all nicely arranged on the casing with pebbles dorsally? How cool is that! Credit: N Webster

A better view of the caddisfly with some tadpoles in the background. Credit: N Webster

Then we came to the third waterfall, which was easy to scale. There’s a great tree with a pool to jump into up top.

Gorgeous roots – who’s your hairdresser? Credit: N Webster

Suz showing off. Credit: N Webster

We didn’t travel any further, but I’m sure you could if you wanted an adventure.

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