Bamfield Halloween

By Nicole Webster

I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween last week. I know I did.

Halloween is a special time in Bamfield, with the most renowned Fire Hall dance, and Fireworks!

Anticipatory lineup Credit: N Webster

The Saturday night dance was a huge success, with amazing decorations (including a gorgeous terrifying forest) spearheaded by Siobhan:

With amazing tentacles protruding. Credit: N Webster

and things looking in! Credit: N Webster

and the rocking talent of Chumbucket, who played late into the night, and ended up with some repeats to satisfy the crowd.

Chumbucket all decked out. Credit: N Webster

Suz showing her true mad hatter self!

The costumes were fantastic, from Bender (causing a stir as no one knew who he was) to the winning Princess Brideteam of Fezzik, Buttercup and the Dread Pirate Roberts, to a gorgeous mermaid of muffin wrappers and oatmeal! I managed to get poses from two lovely ladies before my camera gave up on the dark fire hall environs and refused to take any more pictures in focus:

A flamingo (à la Alice in Wonderland) played by Helen

Fireworks (with a newly increased budget for this year) were scheduled for October 31st, but were postponed due to rain until Thursday, well worth the wait.

Watching for the deck of the main building, we were tricked into thinking it was a finale on many occasions. I’ve never seen fireworks set off in such a remote place. What a treat to have them the only thing lighting up the sky, echoing up the inlet, and reflecting up from below.

It turn out my camera has a fireworks mode (who knew?), but shaky hands and rain has blurred the impression.

Biff! Bang! Boom! Credit: N Webster


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