Fall Program 2012 blog-venture Part I

By Nicole Webster

Part of the experiment for this year’s fall program was to encourage students to blog, and practice a huge and often neglected part of science: communication.

As a result the students have been required to blog about their Bamfield experiences, and more specifically their ‘DS’ the directed studies research project they all complete, and an amazing way to get your hands dirty finding the quirks of actual scientific research.

The Fall program is almost complete, and sadly their blogging obligations are over, but I’d like to encourage you to please take a look at their work, many have done a great job explaining and inspiring, never mind the loads of gorgeous photos.

With that in mind, PLEASE comment on their blogs to show them your appreciation, and perhaps encourage them to post some results (I wanna know!). If you are on station, pay attention to the announcements and show your curiosity and support in person to their final presentations.

To not overwhelm you, I have split the 23 blogs across today and Wednesday’s posts, grouped by DS project.

Starred blogs have several extra goodies beyond their DS description – that doesn’t mean those unstarred don’t have wonderful descriptions and insights on their projects!

1. Invertebrate Diversity on kelp holdfasts:

2. Biomechanics of isopod feet

3. Fragment survival of an invasive brown algae

4. Spatial awareness in hermit crabs

5. Brittle star regeneration

6. Brittle star phototaxis

7. Nudibranch feeding preference and the effect of predator presence


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