Fall Program 2012 blog-venture Part II

By Nicole Webster

This is a continuation of a post made last week.

PLEASE comment on their blogs to show them your appreciation, and perhaps encourage them to post some results (I wanna know!). If you are on station, pay attention to the announcements and show your curiosity and support in person to their final presentations.

Starred blogs have several extra goodies beyond their DS description – that doesn’t mean those unstarred don’t have wonderful descriptions and insights on their projects and background!

8. Abalone feeding preference

9. Abalone substrate preference relating to bacteria presence and coralline algae

10. Racing Abalone: escape response

11. Feeding preference of turban snails on algal morphologies

12. Factors affecting Pisaster (sea star) colour morphs

13. Effect of anti-fouling paint on invasive tunicates

14. Habituation to disturbance in tube worms relating to food abundance

15. Sustainability and algae farming


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