BMSC Christmas party

Windy ride

By  Nicole Webster

Yesterday was the BMSC Christmas party. It was a wonderful event, held in the gorgeously decorated Rix: Christmas trees, floating candles, and lights! We especially loved the lanterns in the branches.

For some, the open bar was probably their favorite part, but I’m more of a food person, and  the potluck appetizers and desserts were a joy! I had Geo-duck Dip (a first!), sweet potato chips, baked brie, crackers and cheese, I would have been happy at that but I had to save room for the fancy buffet set out by the kitchen.

The very full appy table

The very full appy table.

After a tasty turkey dinner (my favorite part being the spinach-pecan salad). There were some speeches, some sass, thanks given, and a lovely farewell to Erica from PubEd who is off to discover the ‘joys’ of Grad school at Dalhousie. Then I got to dig in to the dessert table and found out that whoopie pie is.

An unbiased photo of Christmas party attendees...

An unbiased photo of Christmas party attendees… Emy, Jess, and Suz.

Despite some promises of crazy-ness (Looking at you Caroline), the worst thing was a broken glass (that I know of) which broke up the dance floor which had just maxed to a rocking seven for a brief moment.

The year is certainly winding down here, with only 1 week left before the vast majority of BMSC empties out, it was nice to have a chance to chat with everyone briefly before the last mad push to get everything done, and to assure everyone that I’ll be around again next year. Feeling a little sad and nostalgic, I think I need more punishing dreary rain to remind me why I want to go home.

1 thought on “BMSC Christmas party

  1. I wish I could have been there! Everyone looks so festive. Have a great final week there–my favorite time of year in Bamfield (from my limited experience so far) was late fall. The station grew quiet; there was frost on the grass and the leaves on the way in to the lab; and the few people left savored hot tea as rain pattered on the cafeteria skylights.

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