Find the kitty hiding in the Bamfield Cat Houses

Amanda loves tide poolsby Amanda Kahn

Feral cats have quite a nice lifestyle on the West Side of Bamfield.  The Bamfield Cat Houses were built to give the cats shelter from the rain and cold.  They’re kept well-stocked with food and fresh water and because of the cat houses’ proximity to the boardwalk (the main thoroughfare on the West Side), the cats are well accustomed to humans.

Bamfield Cat Houses

Credit: A Kahn 2012

Even though the cats do not seem to mind being close to humans (and the dogs that roam up and down the boardwalk), they do not call attention to themselves either.  One day I noticed a visitor amongst the tiny cat town–see if you can spot it in the photo below.

Cat in cat town

You have 30 seconds to find the cat in this picture… Ready…GO! Credit: A Kahn 2012

Can’t find the cat?  It’s pretty well camouflaged, but below is a zoomed-in photo of it (if you’re reading this on the main page, click the “Continue Reading” link to see the rest of the post, including the photo with the solution.  

Kitty found

Okay, NOW you should be able to find it within 30 seconds. Credit: A Kahn 2012

Keep an eye out when visiting the West Side!  I’ll bet I’ve walked past 10 for every 1 cat I’ve noticed!


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