2013: An end to the beginning of The Madreporite

Amanda loves tide poolsby Amanda Kahn

As the year comes to a close, I wanted to send a thank you to the authors who contribute to the blog, readers and those who leave comments to help improve the blog and share our stories.  Since The Madreporite was founded in late July, we’ve had over 6,000 visits, and I hope that those who have gotten involved with the blog have found it a fun and rewarding resource for all-things-BMSC.

A core group of graduate students initially founded the blog: Nicole, Danielle, Pam, and Amanda (me), all students from the University of Alberta and still serve as editors along with Allan, who joined after the blog was founded.  Their creative posts have formed the crux of what makes the Madreporite great: diverse perspectives on what one might want to know about BMSC.  We still have lots to write about, and hope to involve even more contributors in the future so that still more diverse posts tell you what’s-what and what-secrets-can-be-found in Bamfield.

Thank you for the great beginning!

Moonrise in Trevor Channel

Moonrise in Trevor Channel. Credit: A Kahn 2012

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