Knitting Cnidaria

Windy ride

By  Nicole Webster

So I picked up knitting at Bamfield last fall, and I got a wonderful book at Christmas:

Amigurimi Knits – Hansi Singh

It has several cute sea creatures, but I had to start with the Jelly fish:

Cnidae not included.

Cnidae not included.

I’m quite impressed biologically! It’s obviously a scyphzoan with those pronounced oral arms. It has tetrameral symmetry (8 purple patches on the bell), with oral arms and tentacles. There’s a velum, which scyphozoans don’t have, but that’s a knitting necessity to allow the bell to be stuffed.

knit jelly2

Close-up – the bell is a little overstuffed…














This Jelly is quite small, the bell is only ~5cm in diameter, but I could see the pattern being easily expanded to make a monster-sized one.

My next project is a seastar – We’ll see how that turns out.

If you like knitting, or think you might, be sure to ask about Beth’s knitting nights at BMSC! She’s an excellent knitter and teacher, and knitting is a great way to meet people, and a perfect hobby for cold and wet falls, or power outages.

2 thoughts on “Knitting Cnidaria

  1. Ooh, now you have me wanting to pick up knitting again! And also, my mind got a bit preoccupied with what could be added to include cnidae…a bunch of cactus spines embedded in the tentacles, maybe?

    • I had been thinking steel wool, or little beads or something. Hard to find something pointy that is big enough to thread on the wool or can be knit. I could always sew some on with thread after the fast I suppose…

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