Bamfield Anacla Digital Storytelling

Windy ride

By  Nicole Webster

While in Bamfield mid February, I was fortunate to be there for the showing of the ‘Bamfield and Anacla Digital Storytelling’ project, a collection of video stories about Bamfield and Anacla. The videos were screened with great success and attendance in both Bamfield and Anacla.

The entire event was run by Cat Thompson, the coordinator for the Bamfield Community School Association. She applied for and received a neat grant from the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program. She organized a digital storytelling workshop run by 2 facilitators from Royal Roads University to teach volunteers the basics of storytelling and video editing, and then set them free. Below are the 9 videos, each in its own style, laying out stories from the area.

Drive (Roger Demontigny):

My Culture, My language, My life:Mary Newfield (Catherine Thompson):

Jim Moncur: The Boy who Loved Boats (Heather Cooper):

Nick and Mike Germani (Louis Druehl and Rae Hopkins):

Memories of Bamfield (Steven Clarke):

Ban-acla, the possible story of one (Anne Stewart):

Basket Weaving (Charlie Clappis):

Bamfield Community Hall (Jean Richardson):

Bamfield Centennial Park (Eileen Scott):

I hope these gave you a better idea of what the community of Bamfield as a whole is like; not just a repository for the marine station.


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