Mantis Shrimp

Windy ride

By  Nicole Webster

I had planned to tell you all about the wonders of Stomatopods (Mantis Shrimp), but unsurprisingly, this topic has been well covered online in the past. Regardless, they (some) are so colourful, they could count as an Easter Egg. Especially if you’ve not heard of this crustacean wonder!

Deep Sea News did a lovely post just recently on them, and I’d strongly encourage you to start there and check it out to get an idea of the full breadth of amazing these guys have.

There’s a Ted talk from one of the primary researchers who discovered Stomatopods. Its not the best quality video of the shrimps, but it brings an interesting angle to a story that is always written so matter of factly. It also gives an idea of how science really works.

Here’s a BBC clip about them, based on the same footage as above.

So that I’m equal opportunity, here’s a slow motion clip of a spearing stomatopod (at 0:20)



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