Introduction for researchers


Are you coming to Bamfield this spring/summer? Are you already there and lost? Eric the research coordinator has just created a welcoming document to help get you oriented before you arrive.

The text is available on the BMSC website [PDF].

It contains maps, contact information, grad student association and !Madreporite information.

One new addition I think will be very useful is they’ve started weekly tours, so that someone can show you around and answer your questions when you arrive. You meet at Eric’s office at 1:30pm any (or every) Friday for a ~1h tour. (Just go to the big shiny new looking building shaped like a scallop. On the side facing the water, and closest to the main building, is a door into the basement, his office is the first door on the left.)

I think this document will be a big help to new BMSC-ers, getting you going, and helping you meet people right away. Thanks Eric for putting this together!

If you have any suggestions or corrections, let him know.


Tapaltos beach. Credit: N Webster

Tapaltos beach. Credit: N Webster


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