Looking for contributors

Deadly Nereis vexillosa jaws

Deadly Nereis vexillosa jaws from Ross. Credit: N Webster


Do you like this blog? You may have noticed that we haven’t been as consistent updating as we have in the past, and we’re sorry. We are looking for new authors!

Are you in Bamfield? Are you coming this summer/fall? As a student, researcher, employee, or local?
We want your photos, videos, insight, news, and research.

Do you hate how we focus on slimy wormy things and ignore the majesty of marine mammals, or even the tasty fish of Bamfield? We know we are a bit biased, and would love for you to help us with that.

We will accept a broad range of topics that relate to marine biology, Bamfield, the Pacific Northwest, and the tools we use for science. Tell us what you are up to here, tell us how many bears were up Grappler at that 5am low tide, how long it took you to get here from Port. You can become a regular author, or just a one-time-author to show off your diving photos.

We are a new blog, and are hoping to keep going strong into our second year.

Have I convinced you? Great! send us an email at bmscblog(a)gmail.com with your text and photographs, and we’ll post it for you, or you can sign up to wordpress, write and format for yourself, and we’ll schedule your posts.

Any questions or suggestions? Comment below.

Nereis shining in the tide pool. Credit: N Webster

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