More SEMs of urchin tests

by Amanda Kahn

If you liked the SEM images from Getting to the Heart of Urchin Spine Attachment, then check out this recent post over at the Echinoblog.  These echinoderms are not from around Bamfield, but they are done on regular urchins that we do have around BMSC, including Strongylocentrotus franciscanus and S. purpuratus (versus the irregular, or heart, urchins that I wrote about).  Those two urchins can become so large, they’re like spikey grapefruits roaming around on the seafloor, mowing down algae in their path (in the case of urchin barrens) or hiding in cracks waiting for algae to drift by (in the case of kelp forests).

Respiratory pores

Okay, one more from the heart urchin. Here are the respiratory pores found along the skeleton. SEM taken in the Advanced Microscopy Facility at the University of Alberta. Credit: A. Kahn 2012

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