Coming to do research at BMSC? Take the tour, learn the facilities.

by Amanda Kahn

So you’re coming out to Bamfield to do some research.  How does it all work?  Can you order supplies out here?  Are there incubators, shakers, PCR machines, balances, ultrapure water?  Where do you go if you run out of tubes?  Need advice about shipping or receiving a package someone ships to you (after all, who hasn’t forgotten to pack something while coming out to the field?)?  Where is this Rix building everyone keeps talking about??

This is my third year coming out to Bamfield, but I never got a proper tour and so didn’t know the way everything worked.  Fortunately, this year Eric Clelland, the Research Coordinator, is providing tours for students and PIs coming to BMSC to do research.  Tours begin every Friday at 1:00 in front of Eric’s office, which is in the bottom floor of the Rix building (the building that looks like a sea shell).

Rix building

The Rix building at BMSC. Credit: A Kahn 2012

One of the most valuable things I learned from my tour was that there is an equipment inventory that lists all of the equipment available throughout the buildings of Bamfield.  The list is accessible online and is something good to check out before coming to BMSC to see what kind of lab work is possible. (The short answer is: quite a variety!).  You can find the inventory and a lot of other really useful “So you’re coming to Bamfield…” information from the BMSC Research website (specifically, check out this PDF: General Information for BMSC Researchers.

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