The BMSC Blog, created by the graduate students doing their research at Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre, focuses on:

BMSC from the west side

Credit: A Kahn 2012

  • What it’s like to live in Bamfield for student researchers coming out here.  Where do we get food?  How does one get around on the West Side without any roads over there?  Whom do I talk to for various things?
  • What kind of research happens at BMSC.  We’re not just out here enjoying the view–science happens here!  Learn more about the research from students from five Canadian universities that all carry out some aspects of their research out here.
  • What that thing was you found on the beach.  We study this because we love it.  If we weren’t doing marine research, you can bet we’d be out by the water anyway.  We’ll share what we know about the ocean and the life it hosts.  If you have questions too, however, we’ll be here to answer them, whether it’s to identify an animal that washed up on shore, talk about the way a tube foot works, or describe the logistics for working out here for fellow students thinking of coming out here to do research.

See you at the next low tide!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Just been reading this…LOVE IT. and really appreciate all your hard work.
    As a former undergraduate, graduate student and BMSC employee, love your passion and great communication skills.
    Kleeko kleeko

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