Photo of the week: Sunset over Pat Bay

Sunset over Pat Bay

Sunset over Pat Bay. Credit: A Kahn 2013

From all of us writers at The Madreporite, thank you for reading, contributing, and asking questions throughout the year!  Here’s looking forward to another wonderful year of beautiful west coast sunsets.

And after summer comes…rain season

Amanda loves tide poolsby Amanda Kahn

Rainy days are here again!  When I first came to Bamfield last November, it rained almost every day.  I was actually surprised when my time here this summer was full of warm, sunny days with few clouds or rain.  Imagine the gray clouds and gloom, and one could think that would make it a crummy place to be.  But in truth, Bamfield needs rain, thrives on rain, and is a totally different–but still wonderful–place in the rain!

Bamfield needs the rain because the area around the town and marine station is a temperate rainforest.  Diverse trees, ferns, and mosses grow here because it is so moist, bogs host an abundance of frogs, and in general, the grass really IS greener out here because of all that rain.

Fern trail

This path, connecting parts of the Boardwalk on the west side of town, wouldn’t be nearly so beautiful without the rain. Credit: A Kahn 2012

There are perks to being at the station while it is rainy too.  The 10:00 coffee breaks are even nicer when it’s cold out, rain sounds really neat on the roofs of the cabins and the Rix building, and sometimes, rainy days give way to some wonderful sunsets.

Misty Evening

Misty evening over Bamfield Inlet. Credit: Jackson Chu

So the next time you’re in Bamfield and it rains, just remind yourself that you’re in a rainforest, and that’s what to be expected.  And keep an eye out for any spectacular sunsets!